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Thrifting Haul

Since I had to work on Saturday and I had some birthday cash burning a hole in my pocket, I definitely deserved some thrifting.  I hit up all four Goodwills in my town and had some success. The first Goodwill offered up this Express… Continue Reading “Thrifting Haul”


I think every other conversation I start with Kris begins with “I was listening to this podcast and…”  I’m sure that doesn’t get old.  However, since I started listening to podcasts, I feel smarter.  I look at them as free continuing education.  Last October,… Continue Reading “Podcasts”


We have been slavishly working on our new house for the past week.  We cleaned.  We scrubbed.  We removed wall paper border (  We packed.  We unpacked.  We powerwashed.  We tricked our parents into coming to see the house this weekend and put them… Continue Reading “Drained”


MØ is dropping her debut album next week and I made sure to pre-order it on iTunes.  She’s been a random obsession of mine since last fall.  She was listed as the opening act for the MSMR concert that I went to, but they… Continue Reading “MØ & MSMR”

Crockpot Sunday

I’ve been cold all weekend.  All winter, too, actually.  I wanted to throw together something spicy to keep me warm during the week nights, so I dug out the ol’ crock pot and threw some things in.  It counts as cooking if you just… Continue Reading “Crockpot Sunday”


When I get home from work, I usually spend a few hours staring at my iPad.  An eight-hour day of staring at my work computer doesn’t limit my desire to do some serious internets consumption when I get home.  I’ve HEARD of the place… Continue Reading “Blogroll”

The Only Resolution I’ve Kept

Happy New Year!  2014 is here.  Crazy.  I still think the 90s were a decade ago. So…I am a chronic resolution maker.  I love the idea of a fresh start.  My resolutions are pretty typical:  be healthier, floss more!, read more, save money.  Every… Continue Reading “The Only Resolution I’ve Kept”