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Australia Travels 2018 Part 1 -Sydney

Visiting Sydney

Marion’s Birth Story

Marion’s Birth Story Oh, hello. It’s been a while, and there have been quite a few changes to my life, but none is bigger than Marion coming into our lives like a big-little hurricane. A very much wished for little hurricane. I found out… Continue Reading “Marion’s Birth Story”

How to Have a Second Miscarriage in Hawaii on Valentine’s Day (and Survive)

For the sanitized Hawaii recap without, you know, copious amounts of sadness, please see Case of the Missing Hawaii Recap: SOLVED. This post is the real deal. To be clear, I loved Hawaii, even though I ended up giving it my blood, sweat, and… Continue Reading “How to Have a Second Miscarriage in Hawaii on Valentine’s Day (and Survive)”

Podcast Love

I’m working on a mind-numbing, soul-sucking data entry project at work that has me questioning my existence and general contribution to society. I have been listing to podcast after podcast as I type type type away. Here’s what I’ve been listening to. I started… Continue Reading “Podcast Love”

Geocaching…What Is It?!?

I have a new hobby that is pretty much free and a lot of fun and gets you outside.  It’s geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing).  The idea is that you are given a set of GPS coordinates and your goal is to find a hidden container.  The container… Continue Reading “Geocaching…What Is It?!?”

2015, the Year of the Finance

2014 was amazing for me.  Got married, bought the house, traveled internationally twice, did a ton of home improvement projects, paid off both cars, and got assigned to some different attorneys at work (a step in the right direction jobwise because I’m working for… Continue Reading “2015, the Year of the Finance”

Shaking Off Scrooge

I’m kind of a scrooge.  The holidays have always had a depressing undertone to me.  Maybe it’s the commercialism or the feeling that Christmas isn’t the same because certain loved ones can’t come home or can’t celebrate with me.  Or maybe it’s the food… Continue Reading “Shaking Off Scrooge”

Minimalism, Closet Edition

I love having things, but I loathe seeing them.  My work desk is spotless (I win neatest desk by a mile) and I am constantly re-arranging things in the house to make surfaces look neater and cleaner.  I can’t function if there is too… Continue Reading “Minimalism, Closet Edition”

The Best Songs For Unrequited Love

I’ve spent a lot of my life loving people who didn’t love me back.  There’s nothing special or unusually tragic about this.  I’m just happy that part of my life is a closed chapter. But it stays with you because it’s painful.  These are… Continue Reading “The Best Songs For Unrequited Love”

Food & Cats in Ecuador

Okay, finally getting around to my last Ecuador post.  It seems like we were there FOREVER AGO when it was only two weeks ago. I saved the best for last.  Food and cats!  Without further ado: Cuy (that’s guinea pig, folks): Verdict:  the skin… Continue Reading “Food & Cats in Ecuador”