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Farm Life

I grew up in the country, but I was pretty much the most reluctant country kid alive. I don’t like dirt or bright sunshine, and mosquitoes eat me alive. Every once in a while, though, I do long for the privacy of wide open… Continue Reading “Farm Life”

Case of the Missing Hawaii Recap: SOLVED

I never talked about going to Hawaii on the blog! Huge oversight. It was our 49th state and how could I skip over arguably the best the US has to offer? Well…because I had a second miscarriage halfway through our Hawaiian vacation in February,… Continue Reading “Case of the Missing Hawaii Recap: SOLVED”

Alaskan Adventures

Our cruise stopped in three Alaskan ports, which were Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan, and we spent a day cruising Glacier Bay National Park. We also stopped in Victoria, British Columbia. None of the stops seemed long enough, but I guess that is the nature… Continue Reading “Alaskan Adventures”


Cruising tips from our first cruise to Alaska.

If You Want to Get Away From It All

Do you suddenly feel like you want to run straight into the woods and forget about everything? Yeah, me too. And I know the perfect place to go. First, make sure you like tigers.   Rad! Who doesn’t like tigers? No one, that’s who.… Continue Reading “If You Want to Get Away From It All”

45, 46 and 47

We earmarked Labor Day weekend and beyond for working on a goal of ours: getting to all 50 states by the time we’re 35. Luckily, due to lots of previous travel, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish with some planning. My family road… Continue Reading “45, 46 and 47”

Prague and Croatia

Prague was my favorite. I have always wanted to go here, fueled by, of all things, the scenes from Mission Impossible that made Prague look romantic and mysterious. The architecture and cobblestones made it look like something out of a fairy tale. This was one… Continue Reading “Prague and Croatia”

Venice and Rome

Venice! One day and one night. Beautiful maze.  Throw away the map because it won’t help. Roma! A lot fewer pictures of us because we were getting a little…haggard…at this point.

Amsterdam and Vienna

Only a day in Amsterdam and a few hours in Vienna, but we made the most of it. Vienna: we had time to take a quick walk and grab dinner and I got to practice my 5+ years of German for a few hours.… Continue Reading “Amsterdam and Vienna”


A few highlights from our days in Paris.