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Fav Things From September

Along with browsing AirBNB (I feel like they should pay me to work for them), these are a few of my favorite things lately. This planner from Bloom. I loved my Some eCards planner, but this one is far superior. It give a monthly… Continue Reading “Fav Things From September”

Goodbye, Great Lakes

We did it. This morning, I entered the last payment on Kris’ student loan, which means we kicked $19,000 of debt to the curb in 2015. Goodbye, Great Lakes! How does it feel?  Pretty good. I’ve been thinking about this day for a long… Continue Reading “Goodbye, Great Lakes”

Keeping Motivated

It sure isn’t easy to keep financially motivated when there are all sorts of fun things to do now that summer is here.  While we have made excellent progress on our debt ($9k in four months!) it’s an every day battle between spending and… Continue Reading “Keeping Motivated”

Going Over Budget

I might have been overly optimistic when counting our cash for this first quarter.  I overestimated our tax refund by about $900 and then some money we had counted on coming back to us from overpaying our escrow account this first year will be… Continue Reading “Going Over Budget”

Spring Thrifting Haul

Between the wedding and house, there hasn’t been much time for thrifting, which makes me sad.  I remedied that today because I had to run an errand on the other side of town, and I hit every thrift store on the way back.  I’m… Continue Reading “Spring Thrifting Haul”

Turning the Ugly into a Pretty

Here is the ugly, a $4 thrift store necklace:     Here are the secret weapons:   Here are the transformations:         Easy peasy.  

Thrifting Haul

The office that I work in has a beautiful view of Lake Mendota.  We are right on the edge of the lake and get to see it all—the sailboats, the crew team practice, the sunsets.  I love it and I’m thankful every day that… Continue Reading “Thrifting Haul”

Five Jobs in Five Years

I’ve held five different jobs in five years.  Which is bad.  You aren’t supposed to change up professional jobs every year and you aren’t supposed to stay at a job less than a year. Well, I’ve done it and I’ve lived to tell about… Continue Reading “Five Jobs in Five Years”

Is Grad School Worth It?

Right after I turned 18, I wrote down my life plan while snacking on some cheese on a July afternoon.  Some gems from that document include that I would get married at 23 (I’ll only be six years late to that party), have a… Continue Reading “Is Grad School Worth It?”