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Farm Life

I grew up in the country, but I was pretty much the most reluctant country kid alive. I don’t like dirt or bright sunshine, and mosquitoes eat me alive. Every once in a while, though, I do long for the privacy of wide open… Continue Reading “Farm Life”

How to Have a Second Miscarriage in Hawaii on Valentine’s Day (and Survive)

For the sanitized Hawaii recap without, you know, copious amounts of sadness, please see Case of the Missing Hawaii Recap: SOLVED. This post is the real deal. To be clear, I loved Hawaii, even though I ended up giving it my blood, sweat, and… Continue Reading “How to Have a Second Miscarriage in Hawaii on Valentine’s Day (and Survive)”

When the Story Ends Too Soon

The Before Pregnant! July 15. It’s a Friday and Kris is out of town until Tuesday and I am getting ready to dig into my first night home alone in quite some time with a bottle of red. There’s nothing I like more than… Continue Reading “When the Story Ends Too Soon”

Kris and His First Marathon

Here’s a guest post from Kris about his marathon! I have to get this marathon thing out of my system, and one good way to exorcise the demon is to write about it. This isn’t meant to be a ‘humblebrag’ or anything absurd like that,… Continue Reading “Kris and His First Marathon”


Feels like we did 31 fun things to celebrate my birthday this weekend. I’ll let the pictures do the telling. Did you get your free slurpee? I had to brave the traffic of Art Fair on the Square and some serious road construction by… Continue Reading “31”

My Own Cat Island

Japan has an entire cat island!  I think it might be time to scrap our Europe plans and go visit. Japan’s Cat Island! But the chances of getting Kris to go along with that are slim to none.  So, I’ve started visiting my own… Continue Reading “My Own Cat Island”

I Became a Different Person on My Birthday

I started my bday at work, which is less than awesome place to be on your “special” day, but it turned out pretty okay.  My co-workers decorated my desk with all sorts of 30 signs and made an ooey gooey chocolate cake, and, added… Continue Reading “I Became a Different Person on My Birthday”

Last Day of My Twenties

Today is the last day of my 20s.  Going from 19 to 20 didn’t feel very momentous, probably because I was waiting to turn 21.  This feels a little different.  I’ll be…older.  I was the youngest in my family, and the youngest out of… Continue Reading “Last Day of My Twenties”


Today marks the tenth anniversary of my Grandpa Grant’s passing.  I was working that summer at a trucking business where my mom worked part-time.  My dad worked close by, and, during the final few days, I’d casually drive by his work before I went… Continue Reading “Coincidence”

Little Free Library

When we lived in our old apartment on the east side, there was a cute little park and someone had put up a Little Free Library.  I think these are just about the coolest things ever!  There are quite a few in Madison and… Continue Reading “Little Free Library”