Farm Life

I grew up in the country, but I was pretty much the most reluctant country kid alive. I don’t like dirt or bright sunshine, and mosquitoes eat me alive. Every once in a while, though, I do long for the privacy of wide open spaces, and the quiet. Kris and I have talked at length about moving to the country until we come to our senses: we are bad country people. I am far too lazy to keep up a property and have a ton of animals or a garden. After keeping it alive for three years, I accidentally killed my only plant by leaving it trapped in our scorching hot sunroom. Seeing its dead, wilted leaves was a good reminder that part of growing up is recognizing your weaknesses.

Rewinding to a year ago, I saw a cute AirBNB listing for a stay at the Circle M Farm in Blanchardville, Wisconsin run by Shannon and Kriss Marion. I was immediately enthralled by the vintage ‘glamper’ and myriad of animals on the farm. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go last summer, but I made sure to get it on this year’s calendar.

IMG_2120 (1)

Glamping is about 1000% times easier than camping. I can confirm this because we went camping the next weekend and it was quite the production and we don’t even own that much camping stuff. Glamping means you just show up and it’s all there for you, ready to be enjoyed. The camper had everything we needed, including stuff we didn’t know we needed, like a vintage record player. Kris played “Greatest Love Songs of the Sensational 60s” for me. Romantic!

Outside of the glamper, there was a very nice bathroom with a double shower in the farmhouse along with a soaking tub. There was the option to shower outside, too, but it was a little cold and rainy for that.


Speaking of goose…here is my new best friend, the goose. This is the world’s friendliest goose.


She wanted to be petted so much she’d kinda quack at me or gently poke me in the leg to get my attention. I’d kneel down and pet her, and she’d cozy up. She even tried to climb in my lap! I think she fell asleep on my leg once, because I stood up and she fell beak first into the ground. Silly goose!

Perhaps she was just a smart goose and her friendly nature is so that she doesn’t end up on the Christmas dinner table. Either way, she was way cuter than the terrifying geese that I grew up with. Those geese we kept at bay with a broken ski pole. Good times!

Aside from goose, Circle M has a few friendly barn cats roaming the property. All of them came around for petting. One cat climbed into Kris’s car when we left the window cracked a few inches. I have no idea how it managed to get in there. We ended up naming him the Hamburgler because we found out later that he gnawed through a styrofoam container and ate Kris’s leftover cheeseburger. There was like 1/3 of a burger in there!

The Hamburgler:

IMG_2119 (1)


There were fenced in pens housing sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and the old farm dog.


Further back, we came upon Waylon and Willie.


I’d never met a Great Pyrenees before, so meeting two was even better. Waylon and Willie (I never managed to find out who was who) roamed the back of the farm. They were huge and lovable and a bit dirty from the mud. They didn’t seem to care. I picked a bad day to wear black.

We spent a few hours after our arrival exploring the farm and splitting some host-supplied beverages, and then we walked to town for dinner. Lady Dawn’s served up more food than we could eat, but we sure tried.

It was a quiet walk back to the farm, where Shannon had a campfire going and s’mores fixings set out. Sadly, we couldn’t bring ourselves to make any due to extreme fullness. We went to bed smelling like campfire. That’s the best.

The next morning, we had an amazing locally sourced breakfast of waffles, eggs, fresh whipped cream, rhubarb sauce, sausage gravy, and lots of hot coffee. I tried an egg courtesy of our friendly goose. It was huge.


Even though it was chilly, we walked around for a few more hours and said our goodbyes to the animals.

We later found out the Hamburgler peed a little in Kris’s car. Kris was not as amused. I was even more amused.

All in all, a great stay and I can’t wait to go back. Country life isn’t for everyone–me included–but it is fun to visit for a bit. Also, I can’t wait to get a pet goose now (and, what the hell, how about a kitten, too).




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