Fav Things From September

Along with browsing AirBNB (I feel like they should pay me to work for them), these are a few of my favorite things lately.

This planner from Bloom. I loved my Some eCards planner, but this one is far superior. It give a monthly view, a weekly view, and lots of pages to set yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals. You can even track water intake if you want. I feel so much more productive and well-rounded with this planner. Some of it is too gooey for my tastes—I don’t dig quotes like “Don’t stop until you’re proud,” but eh. It’s a welcome change of pace. I should really just paste some funny eCards in there and it’d be perfect.

And yes, that’s my special Staedtler pen that I use specifically for this planner, and no, I’m not a nerd. You’re the nerd.

This ring from Etsy. I needed some writing inspiration and decided on part of a Hemingway quote: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” It reminds me of how much fun writing is!  Eh, or something like that.


This magical tea from Good Earth is a nice addition to my tea stash. It has caffeine and makes me feel like there are calories in it, but there aren’t. This is my winter jam because my office is perpetually freezing and sometimes I can feel my fingers if they’re wrapped around a mug of this stuff. But, be warned that the tea bags come with lame quotes. Fortune favors the brave. Thanks for the reminder, Good Earth. Again, something that would be improved with Some eCards.

When Kris wasn’t home for dinner one night, my cat took his place at the dinner table. I was highly amused.


I revived the morning smoothie ritual, and am really on board with the current mix: frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, spinach, and a few mint leaves. It’s sweet and refreshing and takes two minutes.


I probably won’t want something cold in the winter, so I’m enjoying this while it lasts. Has anyone tried a hot smoothie? I am disgusted and intrigued.

Wearing all black to workout makes me feel like a ninja, especially in my Body Combat class where we punch and kick and pretend we have swords. The real feat of ninja-ry is getting out of the house without being covered in cat hair. I never really put much effort into gym clothes because, c’mon, I’m just going to get sweaty, but I’m permanently retiring my workout t-shirts which also doubled as pajamas sometime and weekend wear (sometimes all in the same day, ha!). I love my New Balance tank. Very flattering, and nice and long, which is a problem I have with workout clothes.


That’s what has been rocking my world lately. Hello, October!


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