45, 46 and 47

We earmarked Labor Day weekend and beyond for working on a goal of ours: getting to all 50 states by the time we’re 35. Luckily, due to lots of previous travel, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish with some planning. My family road trips left me bereft of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In a happy coincidence, Kris has family in North Carolina who graciously let us use their guest house, so the rest of our plans fell into place.

Here are some of the highlights, in no important order:

AirBNB for the win. We stayed at some really cool places that allowed us to get a flavor of the area. West Virginia was our first stop, and after a long day of driving, we realized our mistake of not making a more concerted effort to get to our AirBNB before dark. The roads were winding, dark and narrow, and GPS was long gone. I relied on my phone as a flashlight and reading good ol’ fashioned directions, just like early settlers. Terrible! Somehow we pulled in to our final destination, and got a case of the creeps. A gigantic white mansion loomed in the dark (no one was home) and we nervously punched in the key code to the above garage apartment that was our stop for the night. After speculating on how many murders had occurred/ghosts existed, we barricaded ourselves in our room and fell into uneasy sleep.

In the morning, all was well. We sheepishly put back the furniture we had moved and explored the beautiful country setting we found ourselves in. The apartment was perfect, and we should have stayed longer to enjoy it, but we had to hit the road…

West Virginia AirBNB

To get to the Peacock Cottage in Virginia! When we arrived (after a spirited navigational “discussion”) we were greeted with mini bottles upon mini bottles of wine. Thankfully, after a full day romping around Shenandoah National Park, Kris didn’t feel like doing much in terms of dinner and he dug into the treats and and I cracked open the wine, and we explored the farm.

The Peacock Cottage had an attached enclosure that housed two peacocks, Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie was braver than Clyde, and Kris, for some reason fell in love with her and was calling her “Bon-bon” and “Bonnie Bun” every time I turned around. He wasn’t even the one swilling the wine. We heckled Clyde and demanded that he show us his feathers, but he mostly ran away from us. Clyde was an asshole. A beautiful asshole.

We spent the next few nights in the aforementioned guest house in Marshall, NC. There weren’t any peacocks to heckle, but there was a dog named Clyde, and a few cows.

Knoxville was just a stop over place to cut the long drive back in half. We stayed in a room in a nice family house and enjoyed a king-sized bed. I couldn’t figure out how to work the hot water in the bathroom, but Kris assures me I was just turning the wrong handle. Not sure about that, but I gave myself credit for trying to shower as I doused my hair in dry shampoo.

Even though this place was no frills, it did come with an excellent breakfast of gravy and biscuits. I would never order a breakfast like that, mainly because I don’t like gravy, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The biscuits were delicious and the sausage gravy had a little spicy kick that I’m still thinking about. The owners’ three kids entertained us with stories at breakfast. They mainly involved people crossing the road and getting run over. Coincidentally, we almost got rear-ended right outside this AirBNB.

Knoxville and the Wigsphere? Oh, Sunsphere.


Last stop was by Turkey Run in Indiana. This vintage camper lives in a private campground. The owner of it clearly put a lot of time into decorating it and I could’ve spent hours looking at all the little knick-knacks, but in reality I was more intent on finding the s’mores supplies, which I did. I ate two and Kris only had one because he was ‘full.’ I don’t know how I married someone who stops eating when they are full.

Inside of the camper:

So, in case you can’t tell, I really, really dig AirBNBs. It can be a little awkward for me to make small talk with the hosts, but sometimes, if you are lucky your husband will do that for you, or the owner will be out of town anyway. Consider it if you are traveling! We’ve had lots of good luck with them, and they are usually cheaper than a hotel, or you can splurge one night (Peacock Cottage) and skimp another night (Knoxville) according to your needs.

Oh yeah, we did stuff on this trip, too, other than stay in cool places.

We visited Shenandoah National Park, and did some hikes there. The park ranger who sold us our pass bought a car in Wisconsin. He said he bought it in “Sun City, by Madison.”

Went to Monticello. TJ seems like he was a pretty interesting guy. We saw an original pair of his boots, and I must say he had shockingly skinny calves.

We explored the Biltmore. This is easily an entire day adventure, and worth the steep admission price ($75+ each with the audio guide). After exploring the house and gardens, we made our way to the winery. The wine pourer lady was too slow for us, so we destroyed their free sample snack area in revenge. Which led to us dropping another $60 buying presents, so I guess the Biltmore really won that round.

Asheville was fun. I highly enjoyed the Omni Park Grove Spa, which we don’t have any pictures of because we were too busy relaxing. Obligatory stop at Honey Tupelo Cafe, even though Kris was full. Full means nothing!


Side trip to cross the border into South Carolina to see Table Rock, and the home of the Blair Witch.

Grandfather Mountain was hot and the elevator was broken. We were both sweaty and gross and one of us was cranky. That person is not pictured out of respect for their privacy.

Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Clingman’s Dome, which I kept calling Klingon’s Dome to annoy Kris.

Also not pictured: two different alpine coasters that we rode. Very fun. Pro tip: do the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge. Another pro tip: do not drive through Pigeon Forge on a Friday afternoon when there is a convention for vintage cars because it will make you murderous or suicidal.

Turkey Run State Park in Indiana: a childhood haunt of Kris’s that we revisited. Just a little hike, he said. Yeah.

All in all, a good time and three missing states checked off for me.

PS-We also saw Dinosaur Kingdom 2. Don’t ask me. Ask Kris.







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