Prague and Croatia

Prague was my favorite. I have always wanted to go here, fueled by, of all things, the scenes from Mission Impossible that made Prague look romantic and mysterious. The architecture and cobblestones made it look like something out of a fairy tale. This was one city where my thoughts were not, “When will I be back?” but “I must come back.” I can’t wait to explore more of eastern Europe someday, and we’ll have to stop by Prague again.

IMG_3614IMG_3597IMG_3590IMG_3635IMG_20160414_102740IMG_3582IMG_20160414_122535IMG_20160414_122749IMG_20160417_040909IMG_20160417_044107IMG_3630IMG_3618IMG_3516IMG_3529IMG_3543IMG_3548IMG_3560IMG_3570IMG_3491IMG_3484IMG_3468 (1)IMG_2703IMG_2640IMG_2634

Our last stop was Croatia. We flew into Split, Croatia and took a ferry to Hvar. We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the water.


That’s all! Thanks for looking. We had a great time and made some amazing memories.




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