Feels like we did 31 fun things to celebrate my birthday this weekend. I’ll let the pictures do the telling.


Did you get your free slurpee? I had to brave the traffic of Art Fair on the Square and some serious road construction by Regent Street, but I got my fill of blue raspberry.


My first double red blood cell donation went fine. 

A Madison tradition. There’s a Gritty in Sun Pizzle, so that’s the one we went to. You can drink for free, but I only had one because I’m pretty sure the nurse at the Red Cross said I would die otherwise.



We scored a ton of books at Albertfest.


Cat show on Sunday. Kris is either thrilled or terrified.


A Bengal cat. So pretty!


They are Siamese, if you please.


Kris found this at Goodwill.  Ha.  Warrior pride amirite?


I ended the weekend at the cat rescue. This kitten is smaller than her food bowl!

Not pictured: we saw Inside Out (very good, but I got teary eyed a few too many times…must be getting sentimental in my old age). I also partook in two birthday naps. It was a low-key and fun weekend.

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