Keeping Motivated

It sure isn’t easy to keep financially motivated when there are all sorts of fun things to do now that summer is here.  While we have made excellent progress on our debt ($9k in four months!) it’s an every day battle between spending and focusing on our larger goals.  One of our big goals for next year is another international trip:  Europe!  I’ve never been.  It’s been nine years since Kris went.  We are penciling in two weeks next April and I’m so antsy I’ve been checking flights already.  It won’t be cheap, though, obviously, so I wanted to hang some motivation where I could see it.

It took a while to find them, but I snapped up these nine 8 x 11 oak frames from Goodwill for about $3/frame.  I’m trying to like oak (really trying since that’s the main wood in our house) but these would not do.


I am a big fan of rubbed oil bronze, and I was curious about this paint (about $8 at Home Depot).

1 (1)

It’s essentially a dark, dark brown/black with gold flecks.

1 (2)


1 (3)One coat…

1 (4)Two.  I probably could have done a third, but I was lazy and I also had to go stain the deck so I left the frames out in the sun to dry.

I scoured the internet for vintage travel posters and settled on ones I like.  We are planning on seeing all of these cities, in this order.  Vienna is kind of a cheat since we’ll probably just do a quick stop there, but I suppose it counts.  I knew I wanted nine pieces, so I found the middle poster after some searching.  It kind of looks like Kris and me.  You know, if I owned a plaid coat and he wore a hat.

1 (5)

I found the perfect spot in our study and went to work.  They still aren’t 100% perfectly aligned, but I will continue to mess with them.

1 (6)

1 (7)

So, there it is.  Our Europe 2016 trip hanging on the wall to remind us that we have bigger things ahead of us and a good reason to save up and maybe not spend all the monies.

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