My Own Cat Island

Japan has an entire cat island!  I think it might be time to scrap our Europe plans and go visit.

Japan’s Cat Island!

But the chances of getting Kris to go along with that are slim to none.  So, I’ve started visiting my own cat island.

Darling Pet Rescue (Darling as in the last name of the vet tech that runs the place, not darling in a barfy sentimental way)   is a non-profit shelter in Cottage Grove.  I volunteer there every Sunday night and do glamorous things like cleaning litter boxes and filling food and water dishes and folding laundry.  In exchange, I get to pet all the cats and come home covered in cat hair.  Here are some of my favorite kitties!

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So many pretty cats!  Some of the cats there are feral, which I’ve never really been around.  Apparently feral cats get along with other cats, but not humans.  The feral cats are ideal as barn or farm cats and keep mice at bay.  The other cats are domesticated and most love to get pets.  I can’t wait until spring because I’ve been promised that there will be kittens galore.

Darling Pet Rescue

The owners also work with dogs and they have their own awesome dog, Steven, who puts up with all this cat nonsense and is pretty chill about it.



The kitties are always happy to see me and ready for some love.  It warms my cold black heart to see these little paws.


So, until I can talk my way into getting more cats, I’ll have to be content with visiting the kitties and coming home to this pile of fur.


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