2015, the Year of the Finance

2014 was amazing for me.  Got married, bought the house, traveled internationally twice, did a ton of home improvement projects, paid off both cars, and got assigned to some different attorneys at work (a step in the right direction jobwise because I’m working for the boss man now).  It’s a year that will be hard to top, if not impossible.

What will 2015 bring?

I have some pretty lofty goals for this year.  One of the biggest is to knock out my husband’s student loan.  We worked hard after we got married in May 2014 to drop that sucker from $26,500 to $19,000.  Our goal in 2015 is to get rid of it forever and then focus on my loan, which is sitting pretty at $13,100 right now.  We will get that down to under $9,000 by making our usual payments and then plan to kill it in 2016.

As an aside, I hate student loans and wish there were better education out there about loans. That being said, my husband and I both have master’s degrees that helped us land the (good) jobs we’re currently in.  We probably would have both taken out a little less in loans had we been better informed, but there is no way we could have gotten our degrees without loans.  I hope anyone taking out loans, especially young people, research their options and study what repayment will mean to them.

We also plan on doing a little more with the house.  I am currently obsessing about buying a fainting couch for our library.  We would like a new dishwasher and a bigger microwave with a vent.  Because this happens every time I make breakfast:


We’re also investigating new bathroom floors and countertops.  My wish list for the house is about $70k long, but we can only tackle a little bit this year since we are being so ambitious elsewhere with our money.  I think we can double our net worth this year, pushing us into the six digits.  I use mint.com to track our net worth and keep tabs on our debt.

We also have some FUN lined up to keep us sane while we save money.  My office gave us $200 in Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast gift certificates as a wedding present that we’ll use in early March to go up to Bayfield, Wisconsin and hopefully see the ice caves.  We will also be camping up there in August, so it’ll be cool to see the contrast.  We’re staying at the Old Rittenhouse Inn, which I’ve always wanted to stay at.  When I was a kid, I remember seeing this giant, beautiful mansion and thinking I wanted to live there.  Well, staying for a night will have to cut it for now.


credit:  rittenhouseinn.com

Kris has a work trip in Philadelphia that I’m planning on tagging along with in July.  I’ve always wanted to see Philly, so I’m looking forward to that and I better start mapping out my thrift store plan.  I mean…my plan to see history stuff.  Yeah.

Best of luck out there with your plans for 2015!

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