Shaking Off Scrooge

I’m kind of a scrooge.  The holidays have always had a depressing undertone to me.  Maybe it’s the commercialism or the feeling that Christmas isn’t the same because certain loved ones can’t come home or can’t celebrate with me.  Or maybe it’s the food comas or the short days and long nights.  Or the inevitable craziness of work as the year ends.  If I’m not careful, it’s a time of year that I can get too lost inside my head.

To shake off the funk, I started looking at my Random Acts of Kindness goals.  We are reaching crunch time as the year ends and we promised 30 random acts!  Kris and I still have five to go, and we spent the last couple of weeks kicking things into high gear.  We slacked off quite a bit over summer due to being busy…buying a house and getting married and all that.

To catch up, I left one of these at the gym, and Kris is going to leave one at work near the vending machines:

2014-12-07 15.10.48

2014-12-07 15.10.55

Another easy act to do was send some mail out.  We sent a card to a girl who is going to turn 16 but for health reasons won’t have the typical Sweet Sixteen party.  We also sent mail to an autistic kid in Washington who asked for letters for Christmas, and a card to Addie, a little girl who might be celebrating her last Christmas and she asked for cards.  It’s easy to do and was fun to pick out cards.

2014-12-07 15.10.30

Addie’s Mail

William’s Mail

Nicia Buttner Sweet Sixteen

I also raided our pillow/blanket collection.  We have way too many!  We plan on donating them to a local charity for kids. You know, after they’ve been washed.  A certain cat was very excited about this project.

2014-12-07 15.12.06

Hopefully you can find some random acts to do, if you want.  I promise it’ll help if you find the holidays to be bittersweet.

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