Food & Cats in Ecuador

Okay, finally getting around to my last Ecuador post.  It seems like we were there FOREVER AGO when it was only two weeks ago.

I saved the best for last.  Food and cats!  Without further ado:

Cuy (that’s guinea pig, folks):



Verdict:  the skin was greasy and tasted like a thick, chewy bacon.  The meat tasted like a salty turkey.

Pulled taffy.  Very sweet and chewy.  Which reminds me to make a dentist appointment to get the filling that I’m pretty sure I broke on this fixed.


The best pineapple lives in Pineapple City.


Granadillas.  This is a fruit that you are supposed to crack open using your forehead.  I whacked it open on Kris’ knee instead.  The insides are seeds in gooey sacks that you are supposed to suck on and then swallow.  If you chew it, the seeds are bitter. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  The fruit was sweet but the texture and eating process was a little off-putting.  Supposedly, this is a very healthy fruit and will cure all your ailments.


Trout head.  The fish eye is considered a delicacy.  Kris and I each tasted one and it pretty much tasted like what you would expect:  rubbery and fishy.


Plate of homemade food that we had at the lunch at the groom’s house:


Kris found a fun place to eat:


Espumillas is an ice cream-like dessert.  It’s made from egg whites, sugar and guava.  It has the texture of whip cream.



Wedding food!  All delicious.

IMG_1072IMG_1080 IMG_1079 IMG_1077

We definitely put on our adventurous eating pants for this trip and I’m so glad we did.

Now, as promised, here are several kitties we ran into.

Samuel (pronounced like sam-well).  I am a sucker for the pushed in faces, even though I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Samuel lived at our hostel in Quito.


Amazon kitty.  Very friendly.  Crying and begging for pets.


Leprechaun Bar kitty.  Pretty chill.


And some Panama City kitties.


That’s all, folks!  A very fun trip with memories to last us a lifetime.

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