September Finds

Finally, a free weekend!  It seems like this summer has flown by and I haven’t had much time to do my favorite kind of shopping:  thrifting.  Today my heart’s desire led me to brave Badger Football traffic and drive across town.

Here are some of my finds so far this month:

Banana Republic.  On super sale for $2.15.

photo 2

New York & Co. pleated yellow top.  Such a happy color. $4.29.

photo 4

Ann Taylor stripey stripes, $4.29.

photo 5

Merona printed top, $4.29.

photo 3

Project Alabama top, $4.29.

photo 1

I’m actually selling this one on Ebay.  I could tell just from handling it that it was special and it is!  Hand sewn.  I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but a quick eBay search told me I can *hopefully* sell this for a tidy profit.

And, my most favorite of all find, this sweater jacket:


With Goodwill’s loyalty rewards, you can redeem points for free purchases.  The loyalty points usually take a while to rack up, but 600 points got me this for absolute FREE.  It felt a little strange to walk out of a store with something for free.  I’ve worn it a few times and already gotten some compliments.  Free+compliments=happiness.

Some things I’ve learned the hard way from thrifting:

1.  Always try it on.

2.  Look for tears, stains, and wear.  Sometimes the perfect piece of clothing is a little too worn out.  Sometimes it has a hidden stain or tear.  Better to find it in the store before getting too excited and finding it at home.

3.  Decide what you will and won’t buy used.  For me, I buy a lot of tops, jackets, pants and jeans.  Occasionally I will buy shoes, but for a long time that grossed me out.  You won’t, however, catch me in thrifted workout gear or swimsuits or (ewwww) undergarments.  Sometimes paying full price is worth it for items you use regularly.  I have a few pairs of work pants and knee high boots that I brought brand spanking new because I knew I would wear them a lot.

4.  Be patient!  I invested close to three hours to find this stuff and went to four different stores.  Some days you will strike it rich easily, other days you will leave empty handed.

5.  Keep an open mind.  I’ve been on the hunt for a long-sleeved, gray sweater jacket.  I almost passed on the above jacket because it didn’t have long sleeves, but at the last minute I went with it.  I’m glad I did!  Try and be flexible about what you’re looking for.  This isn’t like shopping in a store where you will find several variations of the latest styles to pick from.

Good luck thrifting out there!

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