That Day I Passed Someone…Running

Today I passed a woman running.  This is a BIG DEAL.  I never pass anyone.  I am a slowish running, usually doing 11 minute miles.  I did discover something pretty interesting lately:  a running podcast.  It features a long track of running music with specific beats per minute to encourage a faster running speed.  For my run today and my run Sunday, I listened to the 145 BPM (a 10:30 mile) podcast.  The podcast is Podrunner and it’s free to listen to.  They have a variety of BPM, so you can really pick your poison.


It helped me run a little bit faster, especially right away.

It was easy to get lost in my own thoughts.  I plotted the next chapter of my book without distraction.

I never had to mess with skipping a song, like I do when I listen to my running mix and I’m not feeling a certain song.

I wasn’t mouthing the words to the songs I usually listen to, or run dancing and looking like an idiot.


Going faster burned me out quicker.

After 20 minutes of the dance rave going on in my ears, I started to feel insane.  What are the lyrics?  Get to the beat? Go to the beat?  Get my beat?

Not a lot of variety was a little boring.  And sometimes run dancing is the best.

So, I think I will experiment with Podrunner for a few more runs and see what happens.  And now, some pictures from my little three miler around my hood:

Free little library.  They’re pretty much the best.

photo 1

Back of a McMansion.  Sometimes I feel bad that our rich neighbors have Kris and I living just around the corner.  Muahahaha.

photo 2

A boardwalk through a pretty but mosquito-y swamp:

photo 3

Love a path through the woods!  Always pretty.

photo 4





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