We decided to give our house a facelift this weekend.  The aqua paint didn’t really bother me as much as the inside projects (wallpaper border…ick) so we tackled other interior projects before turning toward the exterior.

Here is a picture of the outside from the Shorewest listing:


Aqua!  The paint color is dated and was faded and splotchy.  It had to go.  So, when Kris’ parents offered to come for a weekend and our neighbor offered up his extension ladder, we went to town.

photo 1

Nekkid house.  We found a ton of old wasps nests and one new wasp nest.

Some charcoal spray paint and some apple red paint, and hello new housey.

photo 2

photo 3

So, those round pieces and the half moon piece are purely decorative, and aren’t real vents.  I was tempted to just take them off and leave them off, but they do add a little fancy.  Unfortunately, the old ones were nailed up instead of screwed, so they were difficult to take off.  This time around they screwed in.

I’ve always loved (Badger) red doors and knew I wanted one.

Red Door Significance (we are only 177 mortgage payments away from the last meaning, ha)

People Who Live Behind a Red Door  (hopefully this will apply to us!)

As we were finishing up, a neighborhood kid yelled “Good job getting rid of the ugly sea foam color!”  I guess not everyone was a fan.  Two other neighbors across the street said it looked nice, too, so maybe we are making progress.

Special thanks to Kris’ parents!

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