Love/Hate Hate Hate

I have a love/hate hate hate relationship with running.  I wish I were a runner that consistently got the rush of endorphins or sense of accomplishment with every run.  I wish I felt super jazzed every time I put on my running shoes.  That, unfortunately, is not the case. 

I’ve been a runner for the past four years.  I use that term loosely.  I’ve taken 6+ month breaks from running.  I’ve shuffled along my fair share of 12 minute miles.  In fact, I’ve never been a fast runner and I top out at 10:30 minute miles.  Am I still a runner?  I don’t know.  I’ve run in six races total, from a 5K to a half-marathon.  Some races went well, others went poorly. 

Me before the worst race, not knowing what terrible fate (lots of early hills) awaited me:


My top three worst running experiences:

1.  When a bug flew up into my nose and I couldn’t get it out

2.  When my gum flew out of my mouth and it was delicious fresh gum I had just put in

3.  When I spit (gross, I don’t do it often, truly) and it flew into the wind and I ended up spitting on myself.

Kris and me before the Haunted Hustle half-marathon:


I’ve run in the Haunted Hustle, held in Middleton and Halloween themed, every year since it started, which is something I’d like to keep doing.  I signed up for the 10K this year.  Having a fall race on the schedule is nice because I get outside way more than normal and enjoy the changing weather. 

Now that I’m training again, I finally got to break in my Vibrams that I bought last fall.


My early impressions are that they kill my calves.  Never in all my running have I been so sore!  Traditional shoes must make it easier for my calves.  I definitely feel the pain of the Veebs.  So far, I’ve gotten a few blisters, and some are forming callouses.  I really, really like the light weight feel of these and I do think I’m a little faster than normal in them.  I have a wide toe box and most traditional shoes worn with socks result in blisters, even after breaking them in.  I hope the Veebs alleviate that problem.  So far, I’m not completely sold on them, but I’m going to continue using them for this race.

So why do I keep running? 

I like that it makes me feel stronger and in shape in a way that no other exercise can do.  If I’m running, I feel better overall.  That voice my brain that insists I’m fat and out of shape gets slightly quieter.  I get to explore the neighborhood.  I like running in my ‘hood and discovered a little wooded park with a paved path that fits perfectly into my usual three mile runs. There are all the other benefits of running that I’m sure I don’t acknowledge:  stress relief, clearing my head, getting out of the house…

Anyway, it’s enough to keep me going and signing up for another race, and even when I swear off running for good, I’m finding that I turn back to it.  Who would’ve thought the girl who hated running in gym would have ever run 13 consecutive miles?  Not me.  Just goes to show anything can happen.





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