Thrifting Haul

Since I had to work on Saturday and I had some birthday cash burning a hole in my pocket, I definitely deserved some thrifting.  I hit up all four Goodwills in my town and had some success.

The first Goodwill offered up this Express dress.  The print is a little loud, but this might be perfect for the wedding we’re going to in Ecuador or for some other summer events down the line.  The draping is super flattering and it’s very comfortable.


photo 1

The other Goodwill that yielded good results is one that I’ve only been to once before.  It’s newer and on the southwest side of town.  I scored a nice Merona lace dress here last time, and this time I hit the top jackpot.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2Tops totaled $18.  Pretty good finds to freshen up the ol’ wardrobe.  

Sadly, I didn’t find much at my favorite Goodwill.  But looking is half the fun.  Now I have to go find four tops to donate from my own closet…which is overflowing.  Happy thrifting!

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