I Became a Different Person on My Birthday

I started my bday at work, which is less than awesome place to be on your “special” day, but it turned out pretty okay.  My co-workers decorated my desk with all sorts of 30 signs and made an ooey gooey chocolate cake, and, added bonus, my boss was gone for the day!  I had a half-day, and was long gone when this came out, but I got a text about it:

photo 1

Sadly, 7/11/24 is on a Thursday.  

After getting out of work, I drove to the Social Security Administration office.  I could think of better things to do with a half-day, but the SSA office has great hours like 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and they are about 35 minutes from my house, so it made sense to just take care of biznass.  

photo 5

I dumped every identifying document I have on the counter along with my name change form.  They don’t mess around!  I even needed both my parents’ social security numbers.   I will officially be Richanda Grant Turner in two weeks.  My middle name, Leigh, got the bump.  Doing the name change stirred up some serious feelings.  I guess when you go by your name for 30 years, you get kinda attached.  And the things that need to be changed—passport, credit cards, drivers license, my notary stamp, my banking stuff—are overwhelming.  But I did want to change my name, and the choice was, after all, mine.  I guess it was a good reminder that a name change isn’t always a given, and whatever a woman wants to do after marriage is totally fine.  If Kris had a bizarro last name, I probably wouldn’t have changed my name.  I can only handle one weird name! 

After the SSA office, I went to the post office and was called “young lady” twice by the post office dude.  That was nice.

I came home to my shiny, new present:

photo 4

We ditched our small, stinky 20 year-old fridge.  It felt good to exorcise the fridge demon from our house.  The old lady that lived here before apparently enjoyed hoarding expired food and the fridge smelled like sausage when we moved in.

To end the day, we went to La Taguara.  It’s a Venezuelan/Latin American restaurant in our old neighborhood.  It used to be a sketchy gyro restaurant, but they opened La Taguara just when we moved away.  I thought it might another sketchy restaurant, but I was very wrong and read some great Yelp reviews.  

La Taguara

I got cheesy corn pancakes with pork.  It made a good breakfast and dinner today, too.

photo 2

So good!  

Thank you everyone for all the calls, presents, cards, texts, emails and Facebook activity.  It was a great birthday and I look forward to many more with my new identity.  


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