Last Day of My Twenties

Today is the last day of my 20s.  Going from 19 to 20 didn’t feel very momentous, probably because I was waiting to turn 21.  This feels a little different.  I’ll be…older.  I was the youngest in my family, and the youngest out of my closest friends.  For a long time I was the youngest in the office (any office).   Giving up that bright shiny spot is sometimes difficult.  I’m not young anymore. But then again…younger isn’t always better. Exhibit #1, picture of me at 13:


(PS-thank you family and friends for loving me through puberty and beyond.) I was unsure and self-conscious in my teens.  For most of my 20s, I struggled to find my place in my family and my friends, but felt out of place.  I was single for a long time and I went to grad school, two things that set me on a separate course of experiences.  I was depressed and, more rarely, not depressed.  I was thinner, then fatter, then thinner.  I let my looks define my self worth.  I was quiet because I worried if I spoke up I could say the wrong thing or look dumb.  I was stuck in love and belonging for the longest time. 1280px-Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs svg There were tons of bright spots in my 20s, of course.  I met so many interesting people.  I gained lots of work experience and traveled for fun and got my masters degree and learned to live by myself.  I hung out a lot (but not nearly enough) with these beautiful people: 10502152_10103261873900437_7299021935757420405_n I met this guy: 10259848_10103261872119007_3101361501161234588_n And he even wanted to marry me. And this furball moved to Green Bay, Mankato, and then Madison with me.  He didn’t judge me, even when I drank lots of wine and spent hours on YouTube. 996568_10102425144752357_1186745518_n I’m happy to take what I learned and move on.  I’m going to keep on moving up the pyramid. One of my favorite quotes is this:  Do not regret getting older.  It is a privilege denied to many. I’ll take my privilege and run with it and be grateful for 30 years.

One Comment on “Last Day of My Twenties

  1. Once the day comes, you won’t ‘feel’ 30. There’s a lot of buildup to milestone birthdays but once you get there, there really isn’t much that changes. It sucks not being the youngest in the office any more, but man does it suck even harder to be the oldest!

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