We have been slavishly working on our new house for the past week.  We cleaned.  We scrubbed.  We removed wall paper border (in.every.goddamn.room.).  We packed.  We unpacked.  We powerwashed.  We tricked our parents into coming to see the house this weekend and put them to work, too.  We swore a lot.  We went to Menards.  We went to Home Depot.  We entered the realm of home ownership and are winding down the weekend very happy with our progress and very thankful that our parents are so generous and willing to help us out.

A quick before and after of part of the living room.  Keep in mind a 78 year-old with an angel collection and hoarder tendencies lived here before us:


Like the chain hanging down from the fan that you can pull from sitting on the couch?  Yeah….



A little less wall paper border in our ‘after’.  

Anyway, more to come!  


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