Around the World

A while back, when Kris and I were in Seattle, we stopped at an awesome map store called Meekster’s.  We wanted to buy everything.


I’ve always played around with home decor “themes”, but not always for the better (my black cat phase, for example).  So, when we were in the map store, I had an ah-ha moment and we became instant globe and map collectors.

I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into our collection because we have bigger things to buy (like a house and a wedding where we can serve something to eat other than popcorn and water) but we still wanted interesting maps and globes and wanted a variety of fun items.  I turned to my trusty friend:  Goodwill.  Goodwill has an online auction website that occasionally has some globes and maps.  We were off!


The kitschy license plate map.  I got this for $12 on the auction site, which was kind of a score.  I saw the same thing at a thrift store on the west side of Madison for $20 about three months before I bought this one.


This map of North America looked way better in person than on the auction site.  I initially wasn’t that excited about it, but when I got my mitts on it, I was a happy camper.


This map is my current favorite.  Kris bought this one online.  So fun.


Moving on to the globes…we stole one of these from Kris’ childhood bedroom, and bought the other two (including Kris’ globe’s twin) on the Goodwill auction.


The small blue one was my dad’s globe when he was growing up.  I like the color variety here.

I also “made” some maps by cutting up an old atlas and gluing the pages on to small canvases.  Right now, they’re above our couch.


These are random places.  I took pages that I thought would look cool.  Everyone always asks us if those are places we’ve been.  Should’ve planned that better!

I also made a keepsake of our first apartment and glued the key to an old map.  I painted the key with matching nail polish because I’m fancy like that.  Sorry, kinda blurry.


Last weekend, we received these globe bookends from my aunt.  It’s pretty funny because I’m 99% sure that last fall we placed a bid on the auction site for the same thing and we lost!  What goes around comes around, at least in the thrifting world.


Last, but not least, we “borrowed” this book from Kris’ parents.


It’s from 1935, and very politically uncorrect and a little horrifying.  Right now, there’s a copy of it for sale on Etsy for $450!  We like to call this book our retirement fund.



I’ve never been, but I’m not sure what’s going on in Manua.




Anyway, that’s some of our collection!  I’m really excited about what we’ve found in less than a year alone and I can’t wait to keep finding new things.  It’s fun to see how much has changed on maps.  And is still changing.  Crimea, for example.


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