Calm Before the Storm

Kris and I keep remarking how calm things seem right now.  We’re 2.5 months from the wedding and about 3 weeks from closing on the house.  We’re busy but we’re really just doing all the prep work to make things go as smoothly as possible.  Boring things, like getting movers and figuring out the internet at the new place and finding subletters for our apartment.

So what else have we been up to?

Kris went to his bachelor party in Chicago last weekend and I went to Wausau with my college friends where we had my bridal shower and later a surprise party.  Yes, that’s a book page banner above us that my friend Nicole made. So cool.  I think I might try my hand at crafting something like that for the wedding.  My good friend, Stef, is getting married in September (her wedding is music themed), so double the fun!


Tuesday I saw The Naked and Famous in concert at The Majestic. The show sold out so the crowd was a little annoying, but they were great live.  I couldn’t believe how good the lead singer sounded.  She was so cute and tiny but has this clear, strong voice.  Loved it!  Here’s some of their videos:

Young Blood

Girls Like You

The Sun  (my favorite song…careful, I think there’s a naked lady in the video)

This past Friday, we officially decided the buffet food that we’ll be serving at the wedding.  I will take a moment to say that it’s complete bullshit that we were charged $50 by our venue to sample (sample, not even get two plates) the food that, oh, you know, we’ll be spending thousands to serve, but I guess that’s part of the racket that is the wedding industry.  Anyway.  We’ll be serving chicken and beef and we both thought it was tasty.  We also got the cake (marble, chocolate, and yellow) ordered.  The cake place we’re using has an interesting reputation and the baker is known as the “Cake Nazi” of Pewaukee.  I will say they haven’t been very nice to us but their cake is very good.  They did perk up a little bit when we paid in full.

Saturday we went to an interior painting and drywall repair class at Home Depot.  It was free, so we thought why not?  Unfortunately, it was railroaded by one woman who insisted on asking a million questions about painting her bathroom that had a strange stain on the ceiling.  Ugh.  Reminds me why I’m glad I’m not still in school.  There’s always one person, right?  Someone else brought their 10 year-old son who was bored to death.  I actually think dragging a kid to a class like that would be a good punishment.

Today, I drove back to Brookfield (starting to feel lately that I live in the Milwaukee area) and we tried on some bridesmaid dresses for Stef’s wedding.  Just for kicks, we tried on some prom dresses.


Is it just me or are today’s prom dresses a little…brightly colored?  Sparkly?

And now…I’m gearing up for a busy work week and hopefully we’ll hear some good news this week and our apartment will be sublet.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Sunday!

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