Crockpot Sunday

I’ve been cold all weekend.  All winter, too, actually.  I wanted to throw together something spicy to keep me warm during the week nights, so I dug out the ol’ crock pot and threw some things in.  It counts as cooking if you just throw together some ingredients, right?


Is pork shoulder the same thing as pork butt?  I thought it was.  I was disappointed it didn’t say “butt” on the packaging.  I threw this bad boy in the crock pot first.


I was so excited, so excited…so scared about these.  I thought about throwing in half a can, but then I thought that would be wimpy. I bravely opened the can, said my prayers, and went all in.


(Don’t look at my reflection in this bottle.  I’m channeling that girl from the Ring that crawls out of the TV.  Only I chose a Dr. Pepper bottle to crawl out of.)

Poured in about half of this and set the crock pot for eight hours on low.  Then I poured myself a big, tall glass of Dr. Pepper for breakfast.  Then I remembered Dr. Pepper has an insane amount of calories.  Then I felt bad.  Then I ate some potato chips and watched the season finale of Downton Abbey.

Eight hours later, the end result was a big mess of juicy pork that was falling off the bone.  It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it was going to be.   It is spicy, but kinda on the subtle side, where you don’t taste it right away.  


Now I’m set for the week.  Maybe two cans of peppers next time, if mother nature doesn’t heat things up soon.




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