Month: March 2014

Turning the Ugly into a Pretty

Here is the ugly, a $4 thrift store necklace:     Here are the secret weapons:   Here are the transformations:         Easy peasy.   Advertisements

Around the World

A while back, when Kris and I were in Seattle, we stopped at an awesome map store called Meekster’s.  We wanted to buy everything. Meekster’s I’ve always played around with home decor “themes”, but not always for the better (my black cat phase, for…

Calm Before the Storm

Kris and I keep remarking how calm things seem right now.  We’re 2.5 months from the wedding and about 3 weeks from closing on the house.  We’re busy but we’re really just doing all the prep work to make things go as smoothly as possible….


MØ is dropping her debut album next week and I made sure to pre-order it on iTunes.  She’s been a random obsession of mine since last fall.  She was listed as the opening act for the MSMR concert that I went to, but they…

Crockpot Sunday

I’ve been cold all weekend.  All winter, too, actually.  I wanted to throw together something spicy to keep me warm during the week nights, so I dug out the ol’ crock pot and threw some things in.  It counts as cooking if you just…