Sometimes I think you can’t ever know what type of person you are because there is just no way to judge yourself objectively.  Before planning a wedding, I would say that I like to go with the flow and not worry.  However, last November, when I was parked outside my apartment crying in my car about deciding what time rehearsal dinner would be, I must admit it became clear to me that I am Type A-nal.

Luckily, I had my breakdown toward the end of planning and things have come together a lot easier, especially when I asked for help.  Sometimes, I am even having FUN putting things together.

Fixing the old Remington typewriter we got at Goodwill for $28 (with some help from Carom):



I got crafty with our envelope box and glued together some hollow books from Michaels.  I cut out the in-between layers (this involved a lot of sweating, swearing and breaking a box cutter, as a horrified Kris watched and reconsidered marrying me):


Kris printed off book covers for our table “numbers” and my friends helped assemble.  The Wolf and the Dove is a really cheesy romance that I was reading when Kris and I first started dating.  It’s our little joke and will be our sweetheart table “number.”


Etsy has been an awesome resource for us.  We bought our save the dates and invitations on Etsy and they have any and every thing you could ever want for wedding planning.  We splurged on these awesome little paper flowers which are part of our centerpieces:


Our next project involves making place cards out of these guys:


Oh, can you tell we have a theme?  Kris is a librarian and I’m, well, a reader and writer.  It just sort of came together.

Everyone has been pitching in and for that I am really grateful.  My mom and her friends put together our favors last weekend.  My friends helped assemble invitations.  And Kris deals with my demands for perfection in stride.

I guess it’s time to get these bad boys in the mail.


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