Thrifting Haul

The office that I work in has a beautiful view of Lake Mendota.  We are right on the edge of the lake and get to see it all—the sailboats, the crew team practice, the sunsets.  I love it and I’m thankful every day that I’ve got a nice view.  The attorneys’ offices have floor to ceiling windows and the interior walls are glass, as well.  Someone had the kind idea to face the assistant desks outward, so us lowly staff get to look out at the view, too.  Here’s the winter view:


With all that glass, and being on the lake, the office tends to be on the cold side.  It’s not easy to type when you can’t feel your fingers.  When I’m at home, I have three or four “grandma” sweaters that are hideous and warm.  Not exactly something to wear to work.  So, this morning I had a cup of coffee and headed to my favorite store ever—-Goodwill.

The east side Madison Goodwill is huge.  I almost always find something.  I’ve scooped up Nine West tall leather boots for $7 (my to-date number one score).  Any brand you covet, I’ve found there:  Banana Republic, GAP, The Loft, The Limited, Express.  

So, with some patience, here is my haul for the weekend:



A pink and blue flannel perfect for casual Friday or camping.  I’m excited to wear this next fall with skinny jeans and tall boots.



A long, knit cream open sweater.  I’ve been looking for longer pieces that cover my butt since I have cardigans in almost every color.


A white cardigan.  This white is so crisp!  Gap, size Medium for $4.29.  Looks like excellent condition, too.  This was a missing piece in my wardrobe.


A gray blazer.  My number one requirement for a blazer is that it isn’t too bulky (think oddly placed pockets) and this one caught my eye.


Long gray open cardigan.  Pretty classic addition.  I have a shorter gray cardigan with buttons.  I might just keep this at work incase I get cold.  I can see this going with almost every outfit.


Grand total:  $19.  Well, it was closer to $26, but I had a return credit.  Once you go thrift, you never go back…to full price.  



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