When I get home from work, I usually spend a few hours staring at my iPad.  An eight-hour day of staring at my work computer doesn’t limit my desire to do some serious internets consumption when I get home.  I’ve HEARD of the place called outside, but with weather like this, who can blame me for wanting to stay indoors…or crawl into bed for some iPad time at 7:00 at night?  Yep, it’s a wild life.

Here are my top blogs and websites:


 I started reading fitness blogs in 2009 when I turned 25 and vowed to get healthier.  They were very inspiring and kept me on track and gave me useful information and were way cheaper than fitness magazines.  These are some of the current blogs I keep up with:

Runs For Cookies

Katie lost 125 pounds the only way (the hard way) and has kept it off for years.  She blogs about running and maintenance.

Run Eat Repeat

Monica is one of my favorites.  She’s funny and posts daily (sometimes twice daily) so there’s always new content.  She has tons of pictures and gifs.  (Anyone else still reeling from the fact that the creator of gifs recently told us it’s pronounced with a hard-J, as in Jiffy peanut butter?  Ugh.)

Fit and Free Emily

Emily deals with binge eating disorder and writes very open and honest posts about it.


Who doesn’t need a little inspiration in this department?  I look to these blogs to get inspired and see what real women are wearing.

Outfit Posts

This lady puts together new outfits every single day.  She dresses in a classic style, very work friendly.


This crazy chick buys the most hideous thrift store clothing and transforms them into something wearable.  It is pretty amazing to see the final product.  Also, she pulls lots of strange faces in her pictures, which is entertaining in itself.

Thrift and Shout

Gotta love some good thrift store finds!  Lindsey’s got great style and you can also buy what she finds on eBay.


Money!  As we start to navigate the world of 401(k)s, 401(a)s, 403(b)s, and Roth IRAs, I am looking around for any information I can get my hands on.  In addition to listening to podcasts by Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, I check in with these blogs.

Our Freaking Budget

Johnny and Joanna are real people struggling to hammer out their finances.  Plus, they are a cute couple and have a good-looking baby.

You Need A Budget

YNAB is informative and has some common sense advice.  They also run a corresponding podcast.

Budgets are Sexy

New daily content and a pretty good variety.  I’m still not convinced budgets are sexy, but money is!

Those are the highlights.  I’d love to hear what blogs you read.  I read many others and am always looking to hear about new ones.

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